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Marine Sport Lighting is a premium quality LED supplier to the Marine Industry with the most diverse line up of lighting for exterior and interior of any boat style. Marine Sport Lighting was founded in 2013 by the founders of Race Sport Lighting, the industry leaders in the automotive industry. All Marine Sport Lighting products are built and tested in our lab and in the field to perform to the highest standards of the marine industry for fresh and slat water environments. Our professional grade products are a step above the competition in quality and performance, and give our customers an advantage in the field.

Marine Sport Lighting Accent LED Lights

All of our marine accent lighting uses the highest quality 3M adhesive for maximum adhesion to many surface types for a long lasting hold. We use 5050 diode technology for a bright and crisp color that last longer. Our accent lights are a great way to mould in LED lighting in almost any area of the boat. Our lights are IP67, which means they can be heavily exposed to wet and dusty environments, just not submersible.

Marine Sport Lighting Weatherproof Accent Lights  

All of our weatherproof accent light not only boasts of a higher quality 3M adhesive and has the 5050 diode technology that customers want for crisper and brighter lighting, but also has an additional weatherproof sleeving over the strip for extra protection against environmental factors like water and dust. These are great strips to mount by the pontoons or under the decking of the boat in areas that are not submersed, but will get extremely wet.

Marine Sport Lighting Auxiliary Lights

Our square and round style auxiliary lights are the perfect add on for the flood, spreader and docking lights on any boat style. They are rated IP67 and contain a durable powder coat and 2-year anti-corrosive additional coating for extra protection in salt water environments. These lights contain Higher power CREE diode technology to project extremely bright light in areas of the boat  where it is needed the most at night.

Marine Sport Lighting LED Light Bars

All of our Marine Sport Lighting light bars are the highest quality in the industry, and boast of extremely high Lumen output out of their optical's and will light up any area. Each light bar is a combo beam which give you the best of spot and flood beam patterns in one light bar. Like the Auxiliary spots, the light bars go through an anti-corrosive coating process after the powder coat process to protect them in severe salt water environments. These light bars boast a lifetime warranty on the performance of the bars, and a 2-year on the coating of the light bars against corrosion.

Marine Sport Lighting Under-deck Lights

Our under-deck lighting systems are a great way to add either solid or RGB accent lighting in any area under a rear deck, pontoons, or other splashing area.These are IP68 tested in our lab and extremely durable. They have a brighter lumen output, which makes them not only an accent light, but a functional light as well.

Marine Sport Lighting Underwater Lights

All of our underwater lights are high power with lumen outputs high enough to blast through the wake of many water types from clear to muddy. All of our lights are made of 316 marine grade stainless steel and very durable as to last any fresh or salt water environment. Choose between drain plug styles or transom style pucks, or combo them together on the back of any marine craft. 

Marine Sport Lighting Rocker Switches

Our IP67 tested rocker switches have engraved logos that light up in either blue or white, and can be placed in a standard size rocker punch out. These products are a great way to add or replace switches and give your dash panel a more stylish look, while the logos make it easier to identify on those dark nights on the water.